New Patient Information

Before your first visit, you will be asked to complete an online in take.  If you are unable to do so, the appropriate FORMS are available for you to print under the New Patient menu tab.  If you are unable to print the paperwork, please come to your initial appointment 15 minutes early so you can thoroughly fill it out.

What to Expect – Chiropractic

Your First Visit – Approximately 45-60 Minute
Your initial assessment begins with the initial intake form. This intake form will provide the chiropractor with the appropriate information required before beginning any assessment. These forms can be found online in our forms section titled “chiropractic intake forms” or will be provided in office upon your arrival. Once completed, your chiropractor will review these forms and bring you to the examination room for a focused history. This history taking will provide your chiropractor with all the necessary information to fully address your concerns. Once enough information has been attained, your chiropractor will begin a physical evaluation. This evaluation will examine ranges of motion, strength, orthopaedic testing, neurologic testing and, if necessary, referral for diagnostic imaging. This assessment is designed determine the primary cause of your concerns and determine any secondary issues that may be provoking your symptoms.

Once a diagnosis has been found, your chiropractor will explain what it is and the best way to correct your concerns.

This can be done through a multitude of techniques that include, but are not limited to:


·       Joint manipulation and mobilization

·       Manual therapy

·       Myofascial and muscle release therapy

·       Instrument assisted soft tissue therapy

·       Exercise and rehabilitation

·       Kinesiology taping

·       Acupuncture

·       Nutrition and supplement guidance

·       Custom made orthotics

·       Referral to an appropriate specialist 

Treatment can begin at your first visit, however it may be delayed until further imaging or referrals have occurred.


Ongoing care (10-20 minutes depending on treatment plan)


At your second visit, your chiropractor will have compiled all of the results from your initial assessment, and created an individualized treatment plan to provide the best care possible.  This plan is designed to address your short-term and long-term goals for improving your health and wellbeing.

What to Expect – Naturopathy


Your first visit – 60-90 minute initial visits


After filling out your initial paperwork, you will be brought to the examination room where Dr. Nelson will review your health history. This history is focused on the assessment of the whole person. This includes but is not limited to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual. The health history is followed by a physical assessment in order to properly diagnose, treat and prevent disease by natural means. In certain cases, further imaging and testing may be required by a local lab facility in the area. With this information, Dr. Nelson will be able to generate a diagnosis, treatment, alternatives, cost, expected benefits, possible side effects and consequences of no treatment.


On going care – 30-45 minute appointments


Follow up visits occur in order to monitor the results of care. Each individual is unique, and these appointments are scheduled when Dr. Nelson deems it appropriate in order to properly monitor the progress of treatment.